Blacklist testing and removal

This page is on the road of deprecation. We will rebuild it as soon as poosible, since it has started to act dysfunctional. If you experience problems with removal, see our support link below and contact us!

Removal GUI

Test IP

Currently removals are only available if you use a web browser from the IP that is blacklisted.
To remove yourself from another computer, you may want to use the "NO GUI"-option, from where you can use cUrl, lynx, wget, or anything that fits your needs.
An implementation to support captchas is coming soon!

Not blacklisted

Address is of type ipv4.
Your ip address is tested against following data:

  • - 426332 entries
  • - 382585 entries

Need support?

Having problems? Go visit support pages for more help. We support both ipv4 and ipv6.
Do you want to contribute or report bugs? Check out the project tracker, or use the forum

Why did you get here?

If you came here, because someone said you are blacklisted and this page say that you are not, it may be cause by several things: