Tornevall Networks DNS Blacklist


As of Wednesday, 26 October 2016, our database currently contains 841821 entries and 143968 are also listed at
We have discovered 8101 new hosts (2628 is of type spam, 5363 is registered at in the last 24 hours.
67 hosts has also been delisted during this time.

Relase Notes – DNSBL 5.0.2

10 oktober, 2016 22:15

It has been alive for a while, but since we're starting on v5.0.3 today, here's also the official release notes for DNSBL 5.0.2

Release Notes - Tornevall Networks DNSBL Project - Version EP-DNSBL-5.0.2


  • [DNSBL-27] - When extended information is active and deleted items are shown

  • [DNSBL-47] - Undefined indexes in curl removal tests

  • [DNSBL-51] - API removal allows multiple removals on delisted address and adds penalty if more than one request is sent


  • [DNSBL-26] - Removal tool via http

  • [DNSBL-30] - Permanent deletion of local addresses

  • [DNSBL-32] - Need navbar for DNSBL-web

  • [DNSBL-36] - Removal penalties for returning hosts

  • [DNSBL-37] - Penalty timer reset after 180 days

  • [DNSBL-38] - Penalty timer should show up on delisting-homepage

  • [DNSBL-39] - Release of PenaltyBL

  • [DNSBL-44] - Purge host instead of delist in API


Delisting from DNSBL

1 september, 2016 09:02

As a reminder, our removal tools is up and running at This method works much faster today, than sending requests to the support mail - and the SLA for manual removals has therefore been changed to a bit lower than before. The tools are there for you.

More information about DNSBL could also be found here.