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Sweeper Status

Hosts to analyze 986020
Hosts scanned last 3 days 1777
Hosts considered working 1
Hosts considered hidden 1
Hosts with different exit nodes (No, not TOR) 0
Hosts that may allow non standard ports 0

Latest information

2014-11-06 We have now reinstated our sweepers to scan for new open proxies. This is being done by connecting to sites considered proxys at port 80 and 6667. By doing this, we can make sure if the proxy is allowing regular webtraffic and/or traffic on other ports than the regular.
2014-10-01 A migration process to Tornevall Networks Portal is ongoing, since some of the scripts are getting outdated after a lot of restructuring in the network
2014-07-10 The move to a new registrar has not been as painless as we hoped. False alarms may have been triggered due to a VERY delayed name server repointing. Somehow, worldnic nameservers took over the hosting and refused to let go. The problem is almost under control again.
2014-07-09 Leaving eNom. Too much trouble with limited ptrs that we need more of. The change via networksolutions have also been a bit problematic today.
2014-01-03 Master/secondary DNS-slaves awaits similar optimization
2014-01-03 Optimization of the old remotesubmit-script and parts of the webpage. DNS-statistics can now be found at Tornevall Networks statistics page
Read more about the optimization here
2014-01-01 Happy new year!
2013-06-30 opm.tornevall.org has been removed from the resolver due to the below circumstances and to free up a lot of memory on our secondaries. dnsbl.tornevall.org remains as subdomain
2013-06-29 Heavy load on resolvers may disturb connectivity to us.
2013-06-27 IP-addresses that is more than 365 days old has been cleaned out from our register
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What does DNSBL mean?

A DNS-based Blackhole List (DNSBL, Real-time Blackhole List or RBL), is a means by which an Internet site may publish a list of IP addresses, in a format which can be easily queried by computer programs on the Internet. As the name suggests, the technology is built on top of the Internet DNS or Domain Name System. DNSBLs are chiefly used to publish lists of addresses linked to spamming. Most mail transport agent (mail server) software can be configured to reject or flag messages which have been sent from a site listed on one or more such lists. (Source)
We are regularly scanning new proxies that are reported to us and we're also trying to keep updated with the "Tor"-network proxies, a network that forgets that anonymousity can be a problem when we are speaking abuse.
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